(A)   No officer or employee of the city or of the Flemingsburg Code Enforcement Board, who in the course of his duties is required to participate in the determination of property blight or deterioration or the issuance of notices on code violations which may lead to a determination of blight or deterioration, shall acquire any interest in any property declared to be blighted or deteriorated.
   (B)   If any such officer or employee owns or has financial interest, direct or indirect, in any property certified to be blighted or deteriorated, he shall immediately disclose, in writing, such interest to the Flemingsburg Code Enforcement Board and to the city council and such disclosure shall be entered in the minutes of the Flemingsburg Code Enforcement Board and of the city council. Failure to so disclose such interest shall constitute misconduct in office.
   (C)   No payment shall be made to any officer or employee for any property or interest therein acquired by the city from such officer or employee unless the amount of such payment is fixed by court order in eminent domain proceedings, or unless payment is unanimously approved by the city council. (KRS 99.730)
(KRS 99.730)
(Am. Ord. 12-16-1, passed 12-12-16)
   Code of Ethics, Ch. 38