(A)   The Public Safety Team shall issue a warning notification to the owner, commercial tenant, and/or operator of a commercial business property advising said person(s) that at ten calls for service, valid complaints and/or citations, they will be subject to § 100.04.
   (B)   Such warning notification shall be sent within seven calendar days after the seventh call for service, valid complaint and/or citation is issued against owner, commercial tenant and/or operator of the commercial business property. The warning notification shall be delivered by one of the following methods: (1) leaving a copy of the warning notification at the commercial business property address, followed by sending a copy through first class United States mail; or (2) sending the warning notification by certified mail, return receipt requested. In the case of a commercial rental property, a copy of the warning notification shall also be delivered to the owner by personal service, electronically, or by first class United States mail if such notice was not already provided to the owner as outlined above.
(Ord. 051523C, passed 6-19-23)