The Building Commissioner shall make or cause to be made inspections to determine the conditions of all structures and premises to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare under the provisions of this chapter. If the Building Commissioner develops probable cause that the Property Maintenance Code has been violated, the Building Commissioner may obtain an administrative search warrant or other authorization from a court of law to enter the premises and conduct the necessary and authorized search. Such search warrant shall be requested from a court upon the submission of any photographs obtained from public property or neighboring property, an affidavit supporting a reason to believe a gross violation exists of this chapter or the Building Code or Residential Code, and/or any other supporting evidence justifying the issuance of the search warrant in compliance with Fourth Amendment requirements. If an owner, tenant, or other person in control of the property voluntarily allows entry in to the property, no such warrant shall be necessary. The inspection shall be limited to areas and purposes authorized by the person in control of the premises or the administrative search warrant. This chapter shall not be construed to require or authorize inspections where there is no cause to believe a gross violation exists. Abandoned structures and lots shall be subject to unrestricted, complete and thorough code inspections, including legal right of entry into those structures found unsecured.
(Ord. 120114B, passed 12-1-14)