Upon the adoption of a declaratory resolution designating an area as an Economic Revitalization Area by the Council, the Director of Community Development or his or her designee shall cause the resolution to be filed with the Hamilton County Assessor. Thereafter, a public hearing will be conducted to hear any remonstrances and/or objections from interested persons, and the Director shall publish notice of the adoption and the substance of the declaratory resolution and the date and time for a public hearing in accordance with IC 5-3-1. At the public hearing, the Council will receive and hear any remonstrances and objections from interested persons regarding the declaratory resolution designating an area to be an Economic Revitalization Area, and the Council will then determine whether the qualifications for an Economic Revitalization Area have been met and may confirm, modify and confirm, or rescind their previous resolution.
(Ord. 120485, passed 1-22-86; Am. Ord. 091514A, passed 11-17-14)