(A)   Any civil penalties imposed under this chapter shall be paid to the Controller.
   (B)   Any fines imposed under this section shall be paid to the Controller for deposit into any account maintained under this section. Any amounts in that account shall be distributed in the following order of priority:
      (1)   To each city department including but not limited to Police, Fire, and Public Works, for any unreimbursed costs incurred by it taking emergency action for the hazardous materials emergency which gave rise to the fine.
      (2)   Reimbursement to the city for any attorneys' fees, witness fees, or other costs incurred in maintaining the action against the responsible party in connection with the hazardous materials emergency that give rise to the fine.
      (3)   Reimbursement to the city for any costs associated with a hazardous materials emergency that has not been reimbursed.
      (4)   For use by the city for hazardous materials training.
(Ord. 091514A, passed 11-17-14)