The Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security shall:
   (A)   Coordinate and direct the development of the city's' Emergency Management Plan which shall involve all sectors of government and the private sector, and shall address all threats or emergencies from all hazards, including natural, technological, man-caused and national security hazards, and shall include mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities;
   (B)   Prepare, disseminate and maintain in current status a city Emergency Management Plan that addresses in detail the response to and recovery from major emergencies occurring in the city, and that shall be the sole Emergency Management Plan for the city; no private organizations shall develop emergency operating or disaster plans or procedures that are in conflict with the city's Emergency Management Plan except where specifically authorized by ordinance, statute, or federal law or regulation;
   (C)   Designate and manage an emergency operations center to which senior government officials and chief coordinators designated in the city's Emergency Management Plan may respond to formulate and disseminate decisions regarding the management of a major emergency; the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security may also designate such auxiliary emergency operations centers as may be necessary;
   (D)   Coordinate the development and execution of tests, drills and exercises of the city's Emergency Management Plan or any of its parts;
   (E)   Be responsible for monitoring hazardous conditions of any kind in the city, making recommendations to the Mayor concerning emergency measures and activating the city's Emergency Management Plan after the declaration of a local disaster emergency by the executive and for coordinating response and recovery operations associated with a major emergency;
   (F)   Serve as the city's emergency management organization for the purpose of IC 10-14-3;
   (G)   Be authorized to seek and apply for grants, contracts and other sources of funding necessary or in support of its duties from the federal government, state government and nongovernmental public and private sources; and
   (H)   Coordinate the recruitment and training for volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the personnel and facilities of the city for emergency management purposes.
(Ord. 091514A, passed 11-17-14)