Any person, firm or corporation desiring to cut, replace or substantially alter an existing sidewalk or to construct and use a driveway from or into a street, alley or thoroughfare of the city shall make written application to the city for its approval. Such application shall include a scaled diagram of the proposed driveway, cut or alteration and its relation to surrounding property, including but not limited to streets, alleys, thoroughfares, and sidewalks and a statement describing the planned use of such driveway, cut or alteration. The application shall be filed with the Director of Community Development or his or her designee at least ten days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting of the Public Works and Safety Board, and shall be accompanied by an application fee of $5.
(Ord. 4-7-75-A, passed 4-7-75; Am. Ord. 060412, passed 6-4-12; Am. Ord. 091514A, passed 11-17-14) Penalty, see § 94.99