Ord. No.   Date   Description
1272   3-10-47   Easement to R.G. Haley from C.C.C. campsite for access from City land to B & O Railroad for construction of a spur track.
1416   10-18-48   Nonexclusive right to R.C. Firestine to lay and maintain gas mains and pipes through and under certain streets.
1504   10-26-49   Right of way to State for road improvements: N. Main St. from High St. to Swing Ave., S. Main St. from Lima St. to Third St.
1526   2-20-50   Right of way to State for road improvement from Lima St. north along the line of Main St. to B & O Railroad (0.87 mile).
1573   6-19-50   See Ord. 1526.
2105   9-6-55   Easement for sanitary sewer for certain parcels in Park Addition.
2117   9-16-55   Easement for a storm sewer for certain parcels in Gist and Morrison's Addition.
2157   12-19-55   Easements to State for highway purposes for all City-owned lands where easement needed for relocation of Findlay bypass.
1963-95   1-7-64   Vacating 4 ft. utility easement in the Fairway Addition.
1964-29   4-21-64   Vacating west 5 ft. of 10 ft. utility easement on Lot 5, Eastowne Park Addition.
1964-78   10-20-64   Execute a release of the City rights in a platted easement across the rear 8 ft. of lots 47 and 48, Old Orchard 3rd Addition.
1965-5   2-2-65   Vacating utility easements in Onnon Village Estate Addition.
1967-76   8-3-65   Acceptance of a perpetual utility easement along the west 8 ft. of Lot 248 Country Club Acres, 5th Addition.
1965-76   8-3-65   Vacating part of a utility easement on Lot 247, Country Club Acres 5th Addition.
1966-26   4-19-66   Accepting a deed of easement for utility purposes of an area which is part of Flowers Ave.
1967-39   5-16-67   Accepting easement from the B & O Railroad for installation of water line at N. West. St.
1967-76      Accepting perpetual easement from Robert D. Courtney, et al, for the installation of a sanitary sewer on W. Bigelow Ave.
1968-8   2-6-68   Accepting deed of easement for general utility purposes in part of George Ede Addition.
1968- 7   3-19-68   Authorizing acceptance of easement from State for construction, operation and maintenance of sanitary sewer.
1968-42   5-7-68   Accepting perpetual easement from C. and L. Phoenix for the installation, operation and maintenance of water main abutting Lots 4617 and 4616
1968-46   5-7-68   Accepting perpetual easement from B. and T. Miller for the installation, operation and maintenance of water main at west end of Lot 4618.
1968-83   11-19-68   Determining to proceed with appropriation of easements on Lots 471, 4622, 4623, 4621, 4611-14 and 4604-06 for construction of sanitary sewer system.
1969-35   4-15-69   Accepting deed of easement for public utility and drainage purposes in part of Country Club Acres, Inc.
1969-40   5-20-69   Authorizing City to contract with Robert L. Grant to extend driveway across City property adjacent to Douglas Pkwy.
1969-55   5-20-69   Authorizing appropriation of easement for construction of sanitary sewer system over M. Krauss property.
1969-68   6-3-69   Authorizing appropriation of easement for construction of N. Blanchard St. extension.
1969-74   7-1-69   Authorizing deed of easement to F. Swab for business operations.
1969-85   10-7-69   Vacating 8 ft. utility easement near north line of Lot 17, Crestwood Addition.
1973-159   12-4-73   Extension of northeast waterline.
1974-26   4-2-74   Easement across property of J.O.T. Couch and W.B. Couch for sanitary and storm sewer.
1974-56   6-4-74   Easement on part of alley north of Hardin St. and west of Main St. for transformer vault.
1974-68   6-4-74   Easement on City property in Swale Park area and along north side of Blanchard River, for electric transmission lines.
1975-128   10-21-75   Easement to the Ohio Power Co. on Lot No. 5, Findlay Industrial Center.
1976-29   3-16-76   Easement to the Ohio Power Co. across property located in Section (1).
1976-112   12-7-76   Vacating utility easement across  north side of Lot 17, Crestwood Addition, formerly Lot 23, Onnon Village Estates.
1979-19   2-20-79   Vacating utility easements: (a) on south line of Lot 6, Fox Run 1st Addition; (b) Between Lots 163 and 164, Fox Run 4th Addition with conditions.
1979-105   11-7-79   Vacating utility easement between Lots 501 and 502 Country Club Acres 12th Addition, with conditions.
1979-122   12-4-79   Authorizing Ohio Power Co. to install a distribution system at Riverside Park.
1981-27   3-17-81   Execute a release of the City's rights to an easement contained in Deed Volume 376, page 733.
1984-51   7-3-84   Vacating the walkway easement located on the southerly 20 ft. of Lot 6, Fox Run First Addition.
1985-16   3-5-85   Authorizing easement documents for a 5 ft. easement on South Main St.,and an eight ft. 5 inch easement on E. Front St. at Fort Findlay Motel.
1985-50   8-6-85   Authorizing easement to the owner of Lot 9205, Thorp and Andrews Addition for the portion of the residence which presently occupies Greenwood St.
1985-77   11-19-85   Authorizing easement to the owner of Lot 2442, Strother Addition for the portion of the garage which occupies a portion of the alley.
1985-90   12-17-85   Authorizing an agreement with the owners of the property formerly known as the Ferry Morse Seed Co. to define the easement area.
1985-92   12-17-85   Authorizing an easement of favor of A-P Co. of Findlay, Inc. across the public alley located between Lots 77 and 113.
1986-17   2-18-86   Executing an easement to the owners of Lots 11, 12, 13 and 14, George Ede Addition across Lot 108 and across the north 15 ft. of Lot 107 (Ede Park) abutting Lots 108, 12, 13 and 14 (south side) for a common driveway.
1986-68   10-7-86   Executing a temporary easement to First United Brethren Church for the use of the westerly 130 ft. of Rector Ave. as a parking lot.
1987-37   3-19-87   Extinguishing a waterline easement between Oakland Ave. and Olive St. 200 ft. east of and parallel to South Main St.
1988-31   4-5-88   Authorizing lease and easement agreement with Findlay Inn, Ltd. for the lease of Lots 149, 150, 151 and 152, original Findlay Addition; easement agreement over the west ten ft. of the demised premises.
1988-61   7-5-88   Authorizing the grant of easement over and license to real estate within the City relating to Manley's Manor Nursing Home, Inc.
1990-52   8-7-90   Authorizes easement for the west 1/3 of the west 1/2 of Outlot 56 in E. Findlay Subdivision for portion of a garage on an alley abutting the lot on the north side.
1990-53   8-21-90   Authorizes easement for the south half of Lot 2622, Cory's Addition to E. Findlay for portion of a house on an alley abutting the lot on the south side.
1990-85   10-8-90   Authorizes easement for Lot 6623, Hill Addition for portion of an attached garage on Lexington Ave. abutting the lot on the north side.
1991-35   6-18-91   Authorizes easement for west 36 ft. of Lot 568, S. and P. Carlin's Addition.
1991-57   9-3-91   Authorizes easement for Lot 1260, Cory's Addition.
1992-30   7-7-92   Authorizes easement to owner of east 25 feet of lot 704 in the Vance Addition for encroachment.
1992-72   11-3-92   Authorizes execution of easement to owner of Lots 8-12, Solt Addition for structure on Lot 8 (portion of Gay Ave.)
1993-25   3-2-93   Authorizes appropriation of easement interest in real property for East Foulke Water Line Improvement.
1994-2   1-4-94   Authorizes easement to owner of south 80 ft. of Lot 3274 Scott Addition.
1994-25   3-15-94   Authorizes easement to owner of south 50 ft. of Lot 8479, Cory's Lima Street Addition.
1994-36   5-17-94   Authorizes appropriation of permanent easement with temporary work easement for installation of waterline.
1994-47   6-7-94   Authorizes easement over 30 ft. strip of land at Findlay Reservoir #2.
1994-51   6-21-94   Authorizes easement to owner of Lot 14, Cory's Defiance Avenue Addition.
1994-65   8-2-94   Authorizes easement to owner of Lot 1916, Ballard's Addition.
1994-106   12-6-94   Authorizes easement to owner of Lot 7917, Swing Addition.
1995-2   1-17-95   Authorizes easements to owner of Lots 1-4, Block 27, Thorpe and Andrews West Park Addition.
1995-93   8-1-95   Authorizes permanent sewer easement to L. Ward on portion of B & O Railroad property.
1995-105   9-5-95   Vacates 15-ft. utility easement in Country Club 13th Addition plat.
1995-129   10-17-95   Vacates 20-ft. utility easement in Tall Timbers Industrial Center plat.
1996-20   3-5-96   Authorizes easement in favor of Ohio Bell Telephone Co., on City-owned property to install communications cabinet.
1996-45   5-7-96   Authorizes easement to owners of north 135 ft. of Lot 10973, Barnd's Fourth Addition for portions of structure on part of S. West St. right of way.
1997-60   4-15-97   Authorizes executing easement to Lot 22, Block 7, Northview Subdivision to City, for portion of garage encroaching upon France St.
1997-88   6-17-97   Authorizes executing easement to Lot 5742, Howard Addition to City, for portion of structure occupying portion of r-o-w of N-S alley abutting east side of lot.
1999-103   11-2-99   Vacating the 20 foot utility easement running along the west side of Lot 22 in Findlay Industrial Center Re-plat.
2000-79   9-19-00   Authorizes appropriation of avigation easement (and fee simple interest) for real property for runway extension at Findlay Airport.
2001-10   2-6-01   Authorizes appropriation of avigation easement (with fee simple interest) for real property for runway extension at Findlay Airport.
2001-51   6-19-01   Authorizes easement to owners of Lot 2020, W.L. Carlin and Gage Carlin Subdivision for encroachment into first street N of lot; to terminate upon removal of encroachment.
2003-63   7-1-03   Authorizes executing easement to owner of south 94 ft. of Lot 3240 in Robinson’s Subdivision for portion of structure on lot occupying part of Maple Ave.
2003-79   8-19-03   Authorizes executing easement to owner of land parcel in part of SE quarter of Section 18, T1N, R11E, for portion of structure on land occupying part of N. Blanchard St.
2004-23   3-2-04   Authorizes executing easement to Lots 91 and 92 in Original Plat of Findlay for portion of structure encroaching upon S. Main St. and E. Crawford St.
2004-40   5-4-04   Authorizes executing temporary easement to Lot 6351 in Forbes and Selby Addition for portion of structure encroaching upon Hancock St.
2005-023   3-15-05   Authorizes grant of easements to encroaching structures (buildings) along N. Main St./S. Main St. corridor, from Lima St. on S. Main St. to Center St. on N. Main St. to certify r-o-w for Transportation Enhancement Project.
2005-048   7-19-05   Authorizes temporary easement to owners of Lot 6992, except for east 68 ft. in South Highland Addition at corner of E. Yates Ave. and S. Main St. for portion of wood fence structure encroaching upon E. Yates Ave.
2006-058   7-11-06   Grants nonexclusive easement to Wasbro Rental Property, LLC to occupy space on N property line of Lot 77, Findlay Addition to install bicycle rack for tenant use.
2006-073   9-5-06   Authorizes executing easement to Hancock Park District, permitting it to run storm sewer outlet across land strip (City- owned) in NE Quarter of Sec. 26, Marion Twp.
2007-055   6-19-07   Authorizes signing of easements for proposed bike path along Blanchard River, connecting current bike path from Taylor St. to City Water Treatment Plant.
2007-076   9-18-07   Authorizes easement agreement with Marathon Oil Co. regarding Findlay Airport property (see Table B).
2007-093   11-6-07   Grants nonexclusive easement to Wasbro Rental Property, LLC for space on N property line of Lot 77 in Findlay Addition to install bicycle rack(s).
2007-104   12-4-07   Authorizes grant of easement encroaching into public r-o-w on E. Hardin St. in favor of Marathon Petroleum Co., LLC (MPC); grantee to install ballards at entrances to facilities.
2008-076   8-19-08   Appropriates temporary easement in real property for the Han- Melrose Avenue (East Melrose Avenue) roadway improvements.
2017-072   8-2-16      Authorizing a perpetual highway easement agreement with the Board of Hancock County Commissioners for the construction, maintenance and operation of a bridge, located on City owned property on, over, and around McManness Avenue.
2019-058   8-20-19   Authorizing easement agreements per location with American Electric Power for the relocation of transmission lines located on City-owned property in order to accommodate the Maumee Watershed Project and to enable legal access for maintenance purposes.