1373.01 PURPOSE.
   The purposes of this chapter are:
   (a)    To establish procedures whereby certain areas of the City are afforded protection from actions that would be detrimental to preserving established historical and cultural resources in the community, and to pursue the following objectives:
      (1)    Maintain and enhance the distinctive character of historic buildings and historic areas in the City;
      (2)   Safeguard the architectural integrity of the City's listed properties and historic resources within designated districts;
       (3)    Seek alternatives to demolition or incompatible alterations within designated areas before such acts are performed;
      (4)    Encourage development of vacant properties in accordance with the character of the designated districts.
   (b)    To contribute to the economic, cultural and educational development of the City by:
      (1)    Protecting and enhancing the City's attractions to prospective residents, businesses and visitors;
      (2)    Providing support and stimulus to business and industry;
      (3)    Strengthening the economy of the City by stabilizing and improving property values;
      (4)    Facilitating reinvestment in and revitalization of certain older districts and neighborhoods.
         (Ord. 1993-2. Passed 2-2-93. )