Before moving any building or other structure, the licensee shall procure a permit for each building or other structure to be moved from the Service-Safety Director. No permit shall be required if the dimensions of the truck and the building being moved taken as a unit do not exceed the specifications contained in Ohio R.C. 5577.05 and 5577.06. The application for such permit shall be accompanied by a fee of five dollars ($5.00), shall be in writing and shall give the location and character of the building or structure to be moved, the route over and the point to which the same is to be moved. If the proposed route is not satisfactory to the Service-Safety Director, he may change the same and select a route over which such building or other structure shall be moved. No permit shall be given to move any structure or building over a route which will result in shade trees being damaged or destroyed.
(1979 Code 116.42)