915.01  FEES.
   After the effective date of this section, a nonrefundable fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall be required, plus all applicable advertising expenses and filing fees at the County Courthouse, which shall be deposited with the Clerk of Council, for the filing of a petition for the vacation of a street or alley in the City.  A fee shall be used to offset the cost of normal advertising and publishing of notices as required by law; reimbursement of City employees’ time and recording fees.  If the petition does not contain one hundred percent (100%) of the abutting property owners on such street or alley which then shall require a public hearing, the petitioner shall pay all costs associated with advertising the notice of public hearing and shall be billed directly for the additional costs.  The petitioner shall be filled directly for all assessments, if any, pertaining to such street or alley pursuant to Ohio law.  All fees, costs and expenses applicable to the street or alley vacation shall be paid by the petitioner at the Council Clerk’s office before the ordinance vacating such street or alley is given its final reading.
(Ord. 2003-97.  Passed 12-2-03.)