A.   Chairman; Adoption Of Rules: The members of the Planning Commission shall select from their own members a Chairperson and such other officers as deemed necessary and shall adopt rules and regulations for their organization and for the transaction of business and the conduct of their proceedings.
   B.   Reports To City Council: Reports of official acts and recommendations of the Planning Commission shall be public and made by the Chairperson in writing to the City Council and shall indicate how each member of the Planning Commission voted with respect to such act or recommendation. Any member of the Planning Commission may also make a concurring or dissenting report or recommendation to the City Council. (1979 Code § 12-113)
   C.   Meetings: The Planning Commission shall meet as required and at such other times as the Planning Commission may determine. (1979 Code § 12-113; amd. 1998 Code)
   D.   Quorum: A quorum shall constitute a minimum of three (3) members.
   E.   Minimum Vote Required: A majority of the number of members present. (Res. 2005-8, 11-17-2005)