A.   Rabies Vaccination Required: It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to suffer, allow or permit such dog to be or go upon any sidewalk, street, alley, public place or square within the city without first having had such dog vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and without there being on such dog a collar or harness with a license tag thereon showing that such dog has been so vaccinated and that the vaccination has not expired; and that the vaccination will not expire during the current calendar year to show such dog is therefore protected through the current calendar year. (1979 Code § 13-248; amd. Ord. 3-9-93, 3-9-1993)
   B.   Reporting Of Rabid Animals: Anyone having knowledge of the whereabouts of an animal known to have or suspected of having rabies shall report the fact immediately to the animal control officer or county sheriff's department. The animal control officer or county sheriff's department shall likewise be notified of any person or animal bitten by a rabid or suspected rabid animal. (1979 Code § 13-228; amd. 1998 Code)
   C.   Biting Animal Quarantined: Any dog or other animal of a species subject to rabies, which is known to have bitten or injured any person so as to cause an abrasion of the skin, shall be placed in confinement under observation of a veterinary hospital or the city pound and shall not be euthanized or released until at least ten (10) working days after the biting or injury has occurred in order to determine whether or not the animal has rabies. During the ten (10) day quarantine period the owner is responsible for boarding fees as set out in subsection 5-1-12D of this chapter. If the animal dies or has been euthanized, its head shall be removed and immediately taken to the state health laboratory to be examined for rabies. (Ord. 2001-3, 11-13-2001)
   D.   Bitten Animal Quarantined: Any animal of a species subject to rabies which has been bitten by a known rabid animal or has been in intimate contact with a rabid animal shall be isolated in a suitable place approved by the animal control officer for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days or destroyed. (1979 Code § 13-230)