It shall be unlawful for any person to:
   A.   Treat In Cruel And Inhumane Manner: Overdrive, overload, drive when overloaded, overwork, torture, cruelly beat, mutilate or needlessly kill, or carry or transport in any vehicle or other conveyance in a cruel and inhumane manner, any animal or cause any of these acts to be done. (1979 Code § 13-231A)
   B.   Abandon: Abandon or turn out at large any sick, diseased, or disabled animal, but such animal shall, when rendered useless by reason of sickness or other disability, be euthanized by the owner thereof and its carcass disposed of in such manner as to create no nuisance or hazard to health. (1979 Code § 13-222; amd. 1998 Code)
   C.   Kill Or Poison: Wilfully kill any domestic animal, or to administer poison to any such animal or to expose any poisonous substance with the intent that it shall be taken by any such animal. (1979 Code § 13-224)
   D.   Fail To Provide Care: Fail to provide any animal in his charge or custody with necessary sustenance, drink and protection from the elements or cause any of these acts to be done. (1979 Code § 13-231B)
   E.   Intentionally Exhibit: Intentionally exhibit any stud, horse or bull or other animal indecently, or let any male animal to any female animal for the purpose of providing entertainment or viewing to any person. (1979 Code § 13-231D)
   F.   Maintain Place Of Exhibition: Maintain any place where fowl or any animals are suffered to fight upon exhibition or for sport upon any wager. (1979 Code § 13-231C)