A.   Created: The position of city animal control officer is hereby created. (1979 Code § 13-211; amd. 1998 Code)
   B.   Duties: The animal control officer shall perform the following duties:
      1.   Carry out and enforce the provisions of this chapter.
      2.   Take into his possession and impound all strays running at large and dispose of the same as hereinafter provided.
      3.   Enforce the licensing of and control all dogs within the city as hereinafter provided.
      4.   File complaints in the courts against any person failing to comply with the provisions of this chapter and obtain licenses when required thereunder.
      5.   Capture and secure all dogs found running at large contrary to the provisions of this chapter and impound such dogs in a humane manner.
      6.   Provide for a good and sufficient pound in which all animals duly committed to his charge or otherwise impounded by him shall be maintained.
      7.   Enter a description thereof in records kept for that purpose stating the kind of animal, the circumstance under which received or impounded, and a description thereof sufficient to provide identification, the costs expended for the maintenance of the animal and amounts received arising out of maintenance or sale of animals. (1979 Code § 13-212)
   C.   Shall Charge Fees For Services: The animal control officer shall charge, and the owners of animals taken into his possession for impound disposal or other services shall pay, such fees and charges for services performed by the pound or animal control officer as the city council shall establish from time to time by resolution. All fees received by the animal control officer shall be paid over to the city treasurer. (1979 Code § 13-214)
   D.   Interference With Animal Control Officer Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere, molest, hinder or obstruct the animal control officer or any of his authorized representatives in the discharge of their duties as herein prescribed. (1979 Code § 13-213)
   E.   Authorization Of Officer To Deem An Animal Vicious: The animal control officer shall have authorization to deem an animal a dangerous or vicious animal as the result of a witnessed incident in which there is alarm for the reasonable safety of persons and/or domestic animals. (Ord. 2009-2, 10-22-2009)