General Provisions
   50.001   Administration
   50.002   Application for service
   50.003   Meter required; meters to be read monthly; estimated charge and adjustments for leaks
   50.004   Service and tap connection charges
   50.005   Water rates and accounts
Cross-Connection Control and Prevention
   50.015   Cross-connection standards
   50.016   Definitions
   50.017   Right-of-way encroachment
   50.018   Multiple connections
   50.019   Protection required; installation
   50.020   Testing of assemblies
   50.021   Thermal expansion
   50.022   Pressure loss
   50.023   Residential service connections
   50.024   Rental properties
   50.025   Customer service inspection
   50.026   Installation guidelines and requirements for backflow prevention assemblies
   50.027   Air gap separation
   50.028   Fire systems
   50.029   Responsibilities
   50.030   Backflow prevention assembly tester certification; registration required
   50.031   Fees
   50.032   Compliance for lawn irrigation
   50.033   Compliance for mobile units
   50.034   Violations
General Policies and Regulations Regarding Water and Wastewater
   50.045   Control of and access to systems; interference with access generally
   50.046   Emergency authority
   50.047   City supply must be adequate
   50.048   Temporary discontinuance for construction, maintenance or emergency reasons
   50.049   Authorized employees; right of access of employees for inspection and maintenance; access of contractors
   50.050   Service connections
   50.051   Construction and installation rules
   50.052   Nuisance
   50.053   Cross-connections; location of water and sewer mains
   50.054   Fire protection systems
   50.055   Fire hydrants
   50.056   Private water mains or systems
   50.057   Wastewater indemnity agreements
   50.058   Exposing meters or hydrants to damage; notice of work affecting systems; moving meters or hydrants
   50.059   Water used for construction work
   50.060   Liability for damages
   50.061   Tampering with or damaging systems; unlawful use of water; prima facie evidence
Sewer Rates and Charges; Billing
   50.105   Definitions
   50.106   Provisions control
   50.107   Charges levied
   50.108   Customer classification
   50.109   Monthly charge
   50.110   Surcharge schedule
   50.111   Unusual discharges; user responsible for expenses
   50.112   Billing
   50.113   Wastewater and water service; contract for service
   50.114   Charges payable with water bills
   50.115   Failure to pay; disconnection
   50.116   Charges sufficient to maintain system
   50.117   No free service
   50.118   Remedies not exclusive
   50.999   Penalty