The city shall have the right at all times to enter upon such property and to conduct an inspection of the premises to ensure a continuing and faithful performance of the terms and conditions of this subchapter. The city shall have the right to revoke the permit at any time for a failure to comply with the aforementioned conditions and regulations or upon a showing that the keeping of livestock is adversely affecting neighboring property because of unreasonable noise or odor. Any person being notified of a violation of the terms and conditions of this subchapter shall have ten days from the date of such notice in which to reapply for a permit and meet all of the prescribed regulations and requirements. Any person, firm, partnership, corporation or entity having its or his or her license revoked three times will then be ineligible for any future reapplication for a livestock specific use permit. Notice of the revocation of the permit shall be effective when it is set forth in writing, stating the basis of the violation and contained in letter form, addressed to the applicant on the original permit, and deposited with sufficient postage thereon in the United States mail at the address given in the original application for a permit. The 10-day period shall begin from the date of the postmark on said letter.
(Ord. 656, passed 1-7-2008)  Penalty, see § 91.999