In addition to the inspection as hereinabove set forth, the stabling or pasturing of livestock shall be permitted in any allowed zoning district providing the additional following conditions are met:
   (A)   There shall be no less than 10,000 square feet of land per head of livestock within a fenced area.
   (B)   All livestock must be permanently restrained by fencing or other permanent type structures and thus kept at a distance no closer than 100 feet from any dwelling, structure on any adjacent property presently zoned or used for residential purposes and/or 100 feet of any adjacent property hereinafter developed with a dwelling, structure or structures on residentially zoned property when developed. DWELLING STRUCTURES as that term is used herein, shall mean one- or two-family homes, multi-family apartments and mobile homes.
   (C)   The area for the keeping of livestock shall be kept clean at all times by raking, plowing, or turning under of waste material or other effective and approved sanitation methods. Drainage of surface waters shall not be allowed to course across the lot onto property of others as such property is now or hereinafter developed with residential structures. Drainage of surface waters, as that term is used herein, is not limited merely to run off but includes also the natural or artificial canalization of waters or liquids of any kind.
   (D)   Any structure used in the maintaining of livestock such as houses, barns, pens, stables or other structures shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner and at all times in good repair.
   (E)   All feed provided for livestock shall be stored and kept in a rat-proof, fly-tight building, box, container, or receptacle. Horse stables must carry out a continuous, active rat control program.
(Ord. 656, passed 1-7-2008)  Penalty, see § 91.999