(A)   When an application is filed in the proper form and the applicant makes payment of the application fee, a duly authorized representative of the city shall make or cause to be made an inspection of the premises to verify the distances and square feet requirements, the nature of fencing on the property to determine its substance character, and to determine the general cleanliness of the area with regard to odor, flies, insects or other waste or refuse materials. The inspection shall incorporate a determination of drainage of the property and the general condition of any structures serving the livestock. The purpose of this aspect of the inspection shall be to ensure that adjacent properties and the general public will not be endangered or threatened by unsanitary and improper drainage resulting from the keeping of the livestock and that the humane conditions will be adequate to protect the health and general welfare of the livestock to be housed in any such structures.
   (B)   The city shall have the option through its designated representative to require an inspection to be made of any premises whereupon livestock are being quartered or maintained at any time after the issuance of a permit when there exists a reasonable probability that any criteria as set forth in this section is not being adhered to.
   (C)   In the event that all standards are met incident to the inspection referred to herein, and in the further event that all other criteria and requirements of this section are met, then the City Secretary shall issue a permit permitting the keeping and maintaining of livestock, such issuance to be made within ten days after the initial application is received and filed in the City Secretary's office.
(Ord. 656, passed 1-7-2008)  Penalty, see § 91.999