(A)   The City Secretary shall forward all applications for conditional use permits to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall review each application and shall make recommendations regarding the applications to the City Council. A copy of all recommendations shall be provided to the operator. The Planning and Zoning Commission may make recommendations regarding any aspect of the proposed oil or gas well development including, but not limited to, recommendations with respect to the standards set forth in this chapter.
   (B)   In connection with its review of an application for a conditional use permit for the drilling and production of oil or gas wells, the Planning and Zoning Commission may determine that it is necessary to hire a petroleum specialist to assist the Commission in reviewing the application. If such a determination is made, the Commission will provide the operator a written "scope of work" that the Commission proposes for such specialist. The Planning and Zoning Commission and the operator will attempt to agree upon the "scope of work"; however, the decision of the Commission shall control. If required by the specialist, the operator will provide a retainer; otherwise, the operator will pay for the services of the specialist after they are rendered. All work performed by the specialist shall be itemized on a daily basis (including a description of the work and the amount of time spent), and such itemization shall be provided to the operator with each request for payment.
   (C)   The Planning and Zoning Commission has the authority to establish guidelines to use in making recommendations for oil or gas well permits or by conditional use permit.
(Ord. 618, passed 3-20-2006)