General Provisions
   35.01   Rendering property for taxation
   35.02   Taxation of freeport goods
   35.03   Retention of sales and use tax on gas and electricity
   35.04   Delinquent taxes
   35.05   Uncollectible tax roll established
   35.06   Sales and use tax
   35.07   Levy of ad valorem tax
   35.08   Taxation of telecommunication services
Tax Abatement Guidelines, Criteria and Procedures
   35.20   Authority, purpose and objectives
   35.21   Definitions
   35.22   Reinvestment Zone designation
   35.23   Abatement authorized
   35.24   Project impact data
   35.25   Guidelines for length and level of abatement
   35.26   Procedural guideline
   35.27   Certification by applicant; compliance audits; reviews and inspections
   35.28   Reporting Reinvestment Zones and tax abatement agreements; notifying other governmental entities of tax abatement agreement; and miscellaneous provisions
   35.99   Penalty