§ 91.100  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this subchapter, the following words shall have the meaning herein ascribed to them:
   ANTI-ESCAPE.  Any housing, fencing, or a device, which the guard dog cannot go over, under, through or around.
      (1)   A portion of land and/or buildings zoned for, or utilized for commercial business uses in the city, including temporary sites.
      (2)   Any vehicle utilized for commercial business purposes in the city.
   GUARD DOG.  Any dog that is utilized to protect commercial property, as defined in this section.
   HANDLER.  A person who is responsible for and capable of controlling the operation of a guard dog.
   HOUSING.  Any location where the guard dog is kept when not utilized for protection purposes.
(Ord. 599, passed 9-6-2005)