The Animal Control Officer, subject to the following conditions, shall issue wild animal permits:
   (A)   Proof of insurance against damage to property or injury to others from wild animals in the amount of at least $250,000 per permit must be filed with the application.
   (B)   A statement signed by the applicant for "acceptance of total and complete responsibility for any harm to persons or property as the result of action of the animal for whatever reason" must be included as part of the permit application.
   (C)   There is no provision in the permit system for allowing a wild animal to be at large under any circumstances. This means that walking the animal outside the confinement area approved by the Animal Control Officer will be considered a violation and may be cause for immediate revocation of the permit. Additionally, the animal shall only be removed from its pen for visits to the veterinarian or for permanent removal from the city. It is not intended that any vehicle be used for routine transportation of the animal except for the 2 above stated purposes.
   (D)   A certificate from a veterinarian will be required stating that the animal is in good health and that it poses no health hazard to persons or other animals.
   (E)   Inspection of the confinement area will be performed by the Animal Control Officer to ensure the confinement is adequate to prevent escape.
   (F)   Upon escape of the wild animal from its confinement area, the owner is required to immediately notify the police department and take part in the capture of the animal. If the animal poses any danger to persons or other animals, the officer at the scene may summarily destroy it.
   (G)   Permittee shall notify the Animal Control Officer when a venomous or poisonous animal is being held on their premises.
(Ord. 599, passed 9-6-2005)