The Animal Control Officer in any of the following circumstances may impound animals:
   (A)   Any dog, cat or any other animal not kept under restraint or enclosed on the property of the owner as required by this chapter.
   (B)   Any dog or cat not having affixed to its collar a valid city license tag.
   (C)   Any dog or cat for which a valid city license has not been issued.
   (D)   Any animal, which constitutes a public nuisance, that has inflicted bodily harm to anyone or that poses a threat to public safety, such as a vicious or wild animal.
   (E)   Any animal that a person could reasonably suspect as having any infectious or contagious disease other than rabies and being in the custody of a keeper who fails or refuses to make arrangements satisfactory to the Animal Control Officer looking into the proper treatment of such animal.
   (F)   Every animal that has rabies or symptoms thereof, or that a person could reasonably suspect as having rabies, or every animal that has attacked an animal or person within the city.
   (F)   Any wild animal for which a wild animal permit is not in effect.
   (G)   Any animal running at large in the city limits.
   (H)   Any animal not kept by the owner in conformity with this chapter or state law.
   (I)   Estrays may be impounded by the Animal Control Officer when the County Sheriff fails to act as provided for in Tex. Agriculture Code, § 142.003.
(Ord. 599, passed 9-6-2005)