(A)   When a dog or cat, which has bitten a human, has been identified, the owner or custodian will be required to place the animal in quarantine. The 10 day observation period will begin on the day of the bite incident. The animal must be placed in a Texas Department of Health approved facility specified by the Animal Control Officer. However, the owner of the animal may request permission from the Animal Control Officer for home quarantine if the following criteria can be met:
      (1)   Secure facilities must be available at the home of the animal's owner, and must be approved by the Animal Control Officer.
      (2)   The animal is currently vaccinated against rabies.
      (3)   The Animal Control Officer or a licensed veterinarian must observe the animal at least on the first and last days of the quarantine period. If the animal becomes ill during the observation period, the Animal Control Officer must be notified by the person having possession of the animal. At the end of the observation period, the release from quarantine must be accomplished in writing.
      (4)   The animal was not a stray at the time of the bite.
   (B)   A dog or cat, which has bitten a human, and has been designated by the Animal Control Officer as unclaimed may be humanely killed in such a manner that the brain is not mutilated. The brain shall be submitted to a Texas Department of Health certified laboratory for rabies diagnosis.
   (C)   The Animal Control Officer may require an animal which has inflicted multiple bite wounds, punctures, or lacerations to the face, head, or neck of a person to be humanely killed and the brain tested for rabies.
(Ord. 599, passed 9-6-2005)  Penalty, see § 91.999