(A)   Each dog and cat 4 months of age or older which is owned, kept, harbored or under custody of an individual, firm or corporation within the city limits shall be licensed.
   (B)   Application for license and payment of the applicable license fee shall be made to the city. The application shall include the name, address and phone number of the applicant, a description of the dog or cat as to breed, color and sex, and a current valid rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian.
   (C)   The annual license fee shall be as set forth in the fee ordinance, for each dog or cat.
   (D)   The license shall be effective for a period of 1 calendar year from date of issue.
   (E)   Application for a license must be made within 30 days after obtaining a dog or cat over 4 months of age, except that this requirement will not apply to a nonresident individual keeping a dog or cat within the city for no longer than 60 days.
   (F)   Upon acceptance of the dog or cat license application, the city shall issue a durable license tag stamped with an identifying number.
   (G)   Dogs and cats shall wear license tags at all times in a conspicuous place on the collar. A duplicate license tag may be obtained upon presentation of receipt showing payment of license fee for the calendar year for a replacement fee in an amount set forth in the fee ordinance.
   (H)   Dog and cat license tags shall only be valid for the animal for which it was originally issued.
   (I)   If there is a change in ownership of a licensed dog or cat, the new owner shall have the license transferred to his or her name. There shall be no charge for this transfer service. Notification of change in ownership may be made in person or writing.
(Ord. 599, passed 9-6-2005)  Penalty, see § 91.999