(A)   The city hereby adopts an additional sales and use tax for the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprises at the rate of .5%.
   (B)   The adoption of this sales and use tax at the rate of .5% shall be used to undertake economic development projects as described in Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat., Art. 5190.6, § 4B, including but not limited to: projects for downtown development; senior citizen programs and facilities; projects for the promotion of professional and amateur athletics and sports including stadiums and ball parks; auditoriums; projects related to entertainment, convention, tourist, and exhibition facilities, amphitheaters and concert halls,  and public parks, park facilities and events; open space improvements; learning centers; municipal buildings; educational facilities and facilities for use by institutions of higher education; museums, and related stores, restaurant, concession and automobile parking facilities; transportation facilities and roads, streets, and water and sewer facilities; recycling facilities; projects to promote new or expanded business enterprises including facilities to promote job creation and retention, job training facilities, and public safety facilities; streets and roads; drainage, and related improvements; demolition of existing structures, and general improvements that are municipally owned water supply facilities; targeted infrastructure and any other improvements or facilities that are related to any of the above projects and any other authorized project that the Board determines will promote new or expanded business enterprises; and the maintenance and operations expenses for any of the above described projects.
(Ord. 505, passed 3-4-2005)