The following regulations shall apply to all appointed and advisory boards and commissions of the city.
   (A)   All board and commission members shall be appointed for two-year terms. The regular terms shall begin and end in the month of August when the City Council shall consider members whose terms are ending for either re-appointment or appointing a new person to a place whose term is ending. Any vacancy in office shall be filled by an appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term.
   (B)   No board or commission member may serve in such appointed position or capacity for more than six consecutive years, or until the expiration of the term then being served. This requirement shall not preclude a person appointed to a city board, commission, or corporation from being appointed to a different board, commission, or corporation at any time, or to the same board, commission, or corporation after one year has elapsed from the expiration of such person’s previous term of office on such board, commission or corporation.
   (C)   Each position on any board or commission shall have a numbered “place”. Odd numbered place terms shall end in odd numbered years. Even numbered place terms shall end in even numbered years. New appointments to fill terms vacated by persons holding a place shall serve the remaining term as dictated by that place.
   (D)   All public meetings of boards and commissions shall be held in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The meetings will conform to the “State of Texas Open Meetings Act”. Written minutes and audio tapes will be prepared and kept as public records for all meetings. Meetings may be set at other locations for special purposes such as ceremonial or for larger or specialized audiences. Such meetings will be the exception rather than the norm.
   (E)   Staff support will be provided through the office of the City Manager.
   (F)   Boards and commissions shall place upon their agendas an item for selecting a chairman and vice chairman of their choosing from among their membership. The term for the chairmanship and vice chairmanship shall run for one-year and should be on the agenda regularly during the month of September. Vacancies in those positions might require a second selection process.
   (G)   Boards and commissions are encouraged but not required to use a common meeting start time of 7:00 p.m. and to establish a regular monthly meeting date, and conduct meeting on those dates unless there is no business to transact.
   (H)   Board and commission members are appointed by the City Council because the members of that Council possess a belief that the individuals appointed are earnest representatives of the citizens within this community. The City Council expects that the appointed members will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and hear all sides of a proposition before reaching a decision, which they believe represents the choice that reflects the best interest of the community. Those decisions should be free from influence of monetary interest and established friendships. No member of the City Council shall attempt to demand that a board or commission member vote in a certain way on an issue that comes before the body.
   (I)   To the extent possible, every effort should be made by the City Council not to appoint a single individual to more than one board or commission. In particular, to those boards or commissions which have similar areas of concern. Elected officials shall not appoint themselves to boards and commissions unless such appointments are required by the authorizing state or federal statute.
   (J)   If a board member is absent for three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, or if a board member is absent for 25% of the regularly scheduled meetings within a 12-month period, the position shall be declared vacant, and the vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by the City Council within 30 days after the vacancy occurs.
   (K)   All boards and commissioners are subject to removal for cause as determined by the City Council after public hearing and prior written notice thereof.
   (L)   Citizens interested in serving on any city board, commission or corporation shall make application to the City Council, on a form provided by the city for such purpose. The city council shall interview all available applicants for board and commission vacancies.
   (M)   The provisions of this section shall not preclude the removal of any member of a city board, commission or corporation without cause by the City Council when authorized by state law, city charter, or city ordinance.
   (N)   Every city board, commission or corporation including the board of directors of the Ferris Economic Development Corporation and the Ferris Park Development Corporation shall adopt bylaws governing their duties, functions, the date, place and time of regular scheduled meetings and shad include or incorporate by reference the attendance requirements and the grounds for removal set forth in this section. All bylaws and amendments thereto shall be approved by the City Council.
   (O)   Every person appointed to a city board, commission or corporation including the Board of Directors of the Ferris Economic Development Corporation and the Ferris Park Development Corporation shall be provided by the City Secretary with a copy of the bylaws for such board, commission or corporation and of this section; and shall prior to appointment, acknowledge in writing the receipt and understanding thereof.
(Ord. O-16-823, passed 8-1-2016)