General Provisions
   154.001   General provisions
   154.002   Definitions
Base District Regulations
   154.010   Permitted uses and special conditions
   154.011   “R-1” Single-Family Residential District–9,000 square foot lots
   154.012   “R-2” Single-Family Residential District–7,150 square foot lots
   154.013   “R-3” Single-Family Residential District–5,500 square foot lots
   154.014   Residential Historic Overlay District
   154.015   “R-T” Residential Townhome District–Cluster
   154.016   “R-D” Residential District–Duplex
   154.017   “MF-18” Multi-Family Residential District–Medium density
   154.018   “MH” HUD–Code Manufactured Housing District
   154.019   “RV” Recreational Vehicle Park District
   154.020   “C-O” Office and Professional Services District
   154.021   “C-N” Commercial Neighborhood Retail District
   154.022   “C-C” Corridor Commercial District
   154.023   Original Town Square (OTS) Commercial Overlay District
   154.024   “I-L” Light Industrial and Warehousing District
   154.025   “I-H” Medium and Heavy Industrial District
   154.026   “PD” Planned Development District
Supplemental Regulations
   154.040   Site plan requirements
   154.041   Zoning of vacated streets and alleys
   154.042   Reverse corner lots
   154.043   Special rules for double frontage lots
   154.044   Principal and accessory buildings and uses
   154.045   Permitted obstructions in required yards and open spaces
   154.046   Screening devices
   154.047   Erection and maintenance of screening devices
   154.048   Fences
   154.049   Antenna facilities
Nonconforming Uses
   154.060   Nonconforming use regulations
Parking Regulations
   154.070   Parking regulations
Sign Regulations
   154.080   Purpose of subchapter
   154.081   Sign definitions
   154.082   Administration; enforcement
   154.083   General sign regulations
   154.084   Special sign types
   154.085   Permanent signs chart
   154.086   Temporary signs chart
   154.087   Exempted signs
   154.088   Prohibited signs
Special Use and Other Permits
   154.100   Special uses
   154.101   Temporary uses
   154.102   Special exceptions
Municipal Agents
   154.110   General policy
   154.111   Planning and Zoning Commission
   154.112   Board of Adjustments
   154.120   Procedure for changes and amendments
Building Permits; Certificates of Occupancy
   154.130   Building permits; certificates of occupancy
   154.999   Penalty