The city’s Public Library Board shall have the following powers and perform the following duties:
   (A)   Establish a public library for the city, accepting any donations toward the establishment or operation of the library.  The city hereby accepts all gifts and donations of books or equipment to the library with grateful thanks to donors and it is ordained that those books and equipment, together with additions as may be made from time to time, shall constitute and form the books and equipment of the city’s public library;
   (B)   Recommend to the Mayor and City Council policies and programs for the advancement of the library;
   (C)   Assist and make recommendations in connection with the employment of personnel for the library operation;
   (D)   Cooperate with other libraries and private groups in advancing the best interests of the city’s public library and encourage the development of all public libraries;
   (E)   Make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for the appointment or reappointment of members to the Library Board;
   (F)   Review and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding the annual budget for the library, and advise the Mayor and City Council as to actions necessary for efficient operations of the facility;
   (G)   Perform all acts necessary to govern the operation of a public library in the city; provided, that  the Board shall have no power to obligate the city in any manner whatsoever.  Its finances shall be handled as any other division or department of the city government; and
   (H)   Assign any of the duties mentioned above to members as are deemed necessary.
(Ord. 216, passed 7-20-1987)