§ 93.26  HEARING.
   (A)   The City Council hereby designates the Municipal Court to conduct the public hearing.  At the public hearing, the Municipal Court shall hear and consider all relevant evidence, objections, or protests and shall receive testimony from owners, witnesses, city personnel, and interested persons relative to the alleged public nuisance. The hearing may be continued from time to time.
   (B)   At the hearing, the junked motor vehicle is presumed, unless demonstrated otherwise by the owner, to be inoperable.
   (C)   Following the public hearing the Municipal Court shall consider all evidence and determine whether the vehicle, or any part thereof, constitutes a public nuisance as alleged.  If the Municipal Court finds that a public nuisance does exist and that there is sufficient cause to abate the nuisance, and that notice requirements provided in this subchapter have been met, the Municipal Court shall issue a written order setting forth its findings and ordering that the nuisance be abated.
   (D)   If the information is available at the location of the nuisance, the order requiring removal of the nuisance must state:
      (1)   The vehicle description, vehicle identification number, and license plate number; and
      (2)   That the vehicle will be disposed of in accordance with the Texas Transportation Code.
(Ord. O-15-798, passed 7-20-2015)