(A)   A Municipal Court Technology Fund shall be maintained by the city in accordance with Tex. Code of Crim. Pro., § 102.0172, as amended.
   (B)   All defendants who are convicted of misdemeanor offenses in the municipal court of record shall pay a technology fee of $4 for each offense as a cost of court.
   (C)   A person is considered convicted if:
      (1)   A sentence is imposed on the person;
      (2)   The person receives community supervision, including deferred adjudication; or
      (3)   The court defers final disposition of the person’s case.
   (D)   The municipal court clerk shall collect the costs and pay the funds to the municipal treasurer, or to any other official who discharges the duties commonly delegated to the municipal treasurer, for deposit in a fund to be known as the Municipal Court Technology Fund.
   (E)   The Municipal Court Technology Fund may be used only to finance the purchase of or to maintain technology enhancements for the municipal court of record, including:
      (1)   Computer systems;
      (2)   Computer networks;
      (3)   Computer hardware;
      (4)   Computer software;
      (5)   Imaging systems;
      (6)   Electronic kiosks;
      (7)   Electronic ticket writers; and
      (8)   Docket management systems.
   (F)   The Municipal Court Technology fund shall be administered by, or under the direction of, the City Council.
(Ord. O-15-801, passed 8-17-2015)