All conditions specified in this Section shall be a part of every franchise even though they may not be expressly contained in the franchise: (1) That the Council shall have the right to require reasonable extensions of any public service system from time to time, and to make such rules and regulations as may be required to secure adequate and proper service and to provide sufficient accommodations for the public; (2) That no sale, lease or transfer of said franchise shall be effective without the approval of the Council, and until the assignee or lessee shall have filed in the office of the City Administrator an instrument, duly executed, reciting the facts of such sale or lease, accepting the terms of the franchise and agreeing to perform all the conditions required of the grantee thereunder. The assignee or lessee shall also file a bond in such amount and with such conditions as the Council may require, which bond shall run to the City as obligee, with sureties satisfactory to the Council, and shall obligate the assignee or lessee to discharge all obligations and liabilities imposed by said franchise; (3) That every grant in said franchise which allows for the erection of poles, masts or other fixtures in the streets and for the attachment of wires thereto, or for the laying of tracks in, pipes or conduits under the streets or public places, or for the placing in the streets or other public places, of any permanent or semi permanent fixtures whatsoever, shall be subject to the conditions that the Council shall have the power to require the alterations therein, or relocation or rerouting thereof, as the Council may at any time deem necessary for the safety, health, or convenience of the public; (4) That every franchise and every extension or renewal of such franchise, shall contain a provision for its acceptance in writing by the grantee within thirty (30) days after its passage by the Council and before its submission to a vote of the people in case of a referendum. No such franchise shall be binding upon the City until its acceptance by the grantee. Such acceptance shall be construed to be an acceptance of, and consent to, all the terms, conditions and limitations contained in the ordinance granting the franchise as well as the provisions of this Charter; (5) That every franchise shall contain a provision granting the City the right to acquire same in accordance with applicable law.