Subject to applicable State law, the budget shall be considered no later than at the second regular monthly meeting of the Council in September and at subsequent meetings until a budget is adopted for the ensuing year. The meetings shall be so conducted as to give interested citizens a reasonable opportunity to be heard. The Council may revise the proposed budget but no amendment to the budget shall increase the authorized expenditures to an amount greater than the estimated fund balances. The Council shall adopt the budget by a resolution which shall set forth a total for each budgeted fund and each department. The Council shall also adopt a resolution levying the amount of taxes provided in the budget and the City Administrator shall certify the tax resolution to the County Auditor in accordance with the law. At the beginning of the fiscal year the sums fixed in the budget resolution shall be appropriated for the purposes named and no other.
(Ord. 77, Seventh Series, effective 1-26-2019)