The petition for the adoption of any ordinances shall consist of the ordinance, together with all signature papers and affidavits thereto attached. Such petition shall not be complete unless signed by a number of registered voters of the City equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the total number of voters registered on the date of the last preceding regular municipal election. All the signatures need not be on one signature paper, but the circulator of every such paper shall make an affidavit that each signature appended to the paper is the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be. Each signature paper shall be in substantially the following form:
Initiative Petition
Proposing an ordinance to ______ (stating the purpose of the ordinance), a copy of which ordinance is hereto attached. This ordinance is sponsored by the following committee of five (5) registered voters:
Name (Printed)               Signature               Address
1. _____________________      ________________________      ___________________
2. _____________________      ________________________      ___________________
3. _____________________      ________________________      __________________
4. _____________________      ________________________      ___________________
5. _____________________      ________________________      ___________________
The undersigned registered voters understanding the terms and the nature of the ordinance hereto attached, petition the Council for its adoption, or, in lieu thereof, for its submission to the registered voters for their approval.
Name (Printed)               Signature               Address
1._____________________      ________________________      ___________________
2._____________________      ________________________      ___________________
3._____________________      ________________________      ___________________
   At the end of the list of signatures shall be appended the affidavit of the circulator mentioned above.
(Ord. 77, Seventh Series, effective 1-26-2019)