Unless specifically modified, revoked, amended or altered by Ordinance, the City Administrator shall have the following specific powers and duties: (1) supervision with managerial authority over all departments and employees; (2) the responsibility to hire, promote, discipline and discharge all City employees, except department heads, to the extent that such performance is not inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement; (3) recommend to the Council the employment, discipline and discharge of department heads; (4) attend and participate in Council meetings; (5) prepare, with such participation of other staff members, the Tax Levy Committee, and the Council or its committee as may be practicable and recommend the annual budget; (6) keep minutes of all Council meetings or designate another person to perform this function; (7) act in the capacity of City Clerk and City Treasurer as to all matters relating to statutes and other laws; (8) subject to applicable law, negotiate and make purchases, and obtain competitive quotations and bids for other purchases; (9) keep the Council advised of the financial condition of the City and recommend from time to time the adoption of such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient for the health, safety and welfare of the community; (10) recommend salaries to be paid City officers and employees; and, (11) perform other duties specified by this Charter, ordinance of the City, or necessary to carry out the duties of Chief Administrative Officer.