It is the duty of the Council to act in the best interests of the entire City and it shall have all powers to do so, except as limited by statute or the provisions of this Charter. The Council may create, change or abolish such departments, divisions, and bureaus for the efficient administration of City affairs as it may deem necessary and, from time to time, alter their powers and organization. The Council shall provide for an audit of the City’s accounts at least once a year by the State department in charge of such work or by a certified public accountant. The Council may at any time provide for an examination or audit of the accounts of any officer or department of the City and it may cause to be made any survey or research study of any subject of City concern. The Council shall fix and determine salaries to be paid employees and employee benefits. The Council shall appoint a City Administrator and fix his compensation and benefits. It is intended that the Council function in a strictly Mayor Council manner. Accordingly, no member of the council shall exercise, or seek to exercise, individual authority in any matter or over any City employee, department or organizational structure other than such as is specifically granted by this Charter or by statute. The Council, as a body, in a meeting at which a quorum is present, shall exercise the exclusive legislative authority of the City and determine matters of policy.