(A)   Definitions.
      (1)   FEED or FEEDING means the placing of dog or cat food, or similar food products or consumable materials attractive to dogs and cats, which may result in dogs and cats congregating thereon on a regular basis, placed on the ground, in an obviously intended feeder, or in a feeder at a height accessible to cats and dogs.
      (2)   STRAY means an unlicensed domestic or feral dog or cat running at large and unaccompanied or controlled by an owner.
   (B)   Policy and purpose. High populations of stray dogs and cats pose a hazard to human health and safety, as such animals provide a fruitful breeding ground for infectious disease, including but not limited to rabies and distemper, and may otherwise bite or attack humans and domestic animals. In addition, food provided for stray animals is often attractive to wild animals such as raccoons and rodents and may create nuisance conditions such as a rat harborage or other wild animal infestation.
   (C)   No person shall feed or allow the feeding of any stray cat or dog within the city.
   (D)   Exceptions. Veterinarians and persons who, acting within the scope of their employment with any governmental entity non-profit, or humane society has custody of or manages stray dogs and cats are not subject to the prohibitions of this section.