(A)   Running at large.  No person shall keep or allow to be kept on his or her premises, or on premises occupied by them, nor permit to run at large in the city, any animal which is diseased so as to be a danger to the health and safety of the city, even though the animal be properly licensed under this section, and a warrant to search for and seize the animal is not required.
   (B)   Confinement.  Any animal reasonably suspected of being diseased and presenting a threat to the health and safety of the public, may be apprehended and confined in the pound by any person, the Animal Control Officer or a police officer. The officer shall have a qualified veterinarian examine the animal. If the animal is found to be diseased in a manner so as to be a danger to the health and safety of the city, the officer shall cause the animal to be painlessly killed and shall properly dispose of the remains. The owner or keeper of the animal killed under this section shall be liable to the city for the cost of maintaining and disposing of the animal, plus the costs of any veterinarian examinations.
   (C)   Release.  If the animal, upon examination, is not found to be diseased the animal shall be released to the owner or keeper free of charge.
Penalty, see § 91.99