Premises upon which nuisances or other conditions in violation of this article are found to exist by any Town officer or employee shall be reported to the Town Superintendent, who shall, upon finding that such nuisance or violative condition does in fact exist, give notice to the owner, occupant or person in charge or in possession of such premises, which such notice shall be by personal service in accordance with law, or by certified mail, return receipt requested, and by posting in a conspicuous location at the subject premises to abate such nuisance or other violative condition within a period of time stated in such notice, which such period shall not be more than ten (10) days; and no person to whom such notice is afforded shall fail to comply therewith. Upon any such noncompliance after the period specified within the notice, the Town Superintendent may, in addition to or in lieu of seeking to impose the general offenses penalty set forth in Section 101.99 of this Code, proceed to abate such nuisance or violative condition, and such abatement may be by physical abatement or removal, or by the institution of an action in the Circuit Court of Fayette County seeking an order of abatement and the costs thereby incurred, including attorney fees and court costs, shall become a charge against the owner of such premises and a lien against such premises, and shall be collectible in any manner provided by law.
(Passed 7-10-03.)