(a)    Refuse which originates upon any premises within the Town shall not be suffered by the owner or occupant of the premises to accumulate in such manner or in such quantity as to constitute a fire or safety hazard or a danger to health, or so as to become unsightly or otherwise give offense to persons in the neighborhood. Garbage and trash shall be disposed of regularly, as provided in this article. Wastes other than garbage and trash shall be disposed of by the owner or occupant promptly as it originates, in a sanitary and lawful manner.
   (b)    Garbage and trash to be collected as provided by this article shall be stored, pending collection, in conformity with the requirements of this article.
   (c)    Owners, occupants and persons in charge of premises not devoted to agricultural uses shall keep the grass thereon cut to a height of not more than six inches and shall keep such premises free of noxious weeds, and of undergrowths which afford breeding places for insects, reptiles and rodents.
(1973 Code §10-2)