905.02  REPAIRS.
   (a)   The owners of real estate abutting on any sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk and driveway entrance or apron adjacent to their properties in good repair.  Any property owner failing to keep the sidewalk or driveway area adjacent to his property in repair shall be liable to reimburse the Town for all loss that it may sustain, or any damage, cost or expenses that may be imposed upon it by reason of the failure of the property owner to perform such duty.
   (b)   In the event any sidewalk or driveway entrance is out of repair and the owner of the abutting property has not upon his own initiative repaired it, the Town Superintendent may serve notice upon the owner of the property adjacent to the sidewalk or driveway entrance so out of repair, if he is a resident, or upon his agent if he is a nonresident, requiring the owner to repair or rebuild, where necessary, any such sidewalk or driveway entrance within a time stated in the notice.  In the event of the failure of the property owner, or his agent, to rebuild or repair the sidewalk or driveway entrance within the specified time, the Town Superintendent may have such work done and may assess the cost thereof against the abutting landowner and the amount thereof may be collected by the Treasurer by distress and sale, or otherwise as provided by law for the collection of taxes, and he shall offer the assessment to be docketed in the office of the Clerk of the County Court as a lien against the property in the same manner as an original sidewalk assessment; provided, that where a dangerous condition exists in such sidewalk or driveway, the property owner shall be required to begin such repair or rebuilding within ten days from the receipt of such notice.
(1973 Code §22-2, 22-3)