5.04.080: LICENSE FEE:
An applicant shall, upon filing his or her application for a business license, deposit with the City a fee prescribed by resolution for the business, trade, profession, occupation or calling for which a license is applied as published in the fee schedule codified in title 3, chapter 3.30 of this Code. Application for a business license made prior to July 1 shall pay the full fee. Applications made on July 1 through December 31 shall pay one-half (1/2) of the prescribed fee. The City shall provide the applicant a receipt for the fee payment, but such receipt shall not be deemed to be a certificate of license. In the event the license application should not be approved by the City Council, the fee paid shall be refunded to the applicant. All license fees shall be payable annually, in advance (unless otherwise provided). (Ord. 2014-07)