A.   The chief building official of the city is charged with the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this zoning ordinance.
   B.   The chief building official shall not grant a permit for the construction or alteration of any building or structure, nor issue any certificate of occupancy for a change in the use of land, if such construction or alteration or change would be in violation or would involve a violation of any of the provisions of this zoning ordinance or any other ordinance of the city or of any law of the state of Utah.
   C.   The chief building official shall enforce all of the provisions of this zoning ordinance. He or she shall inspect or cause to be inspected all of the buildings in course of construction, alteration or repair, and any change in the use of land. If, in the course of such inspection, or otherwise, it shall come to his/her attention that any such construction, alteration or repair, or that any use or contemplated use of land is in violation of the provisions of this zoning ordinance, he or she shall issue his or her written order to the person to cease and desist such construction, alteration, repair or use. He or she shall report violation of this zoning ordinance to the city's legal department for prosecution and make complaint thereof before the court or courts having jurisdiction of such violation. Upon the recommendation of the city council, the legal department shall bring a civil action for the abatement of any nuisance existing in violation of this zoning ordinance.
   D.   The chief building official may call for the assistance of law enforcement personnel whenever in his or her opinion such assistance is necessary in the investigation of a suspected violation of this zoning ordinance.
   E.   The building inspector may establish reasonable rules and regulations necessary or desirable in the administration of this zoning ordinance. Three (3) copies of such rules and regulations shall be filed with the city recorder and such rules and regulations shall become effective when so filed.
   F.   The city council may, by resolution, prescribe an exact payment of reasonable fees to cover the expense of examining plans, issuing building permits, inspecting uses, and issuing certificates of occupancy, and may determine the method of collecting such fees.
   G.   All applications, including applications for rezoning, conditional uses, and site plans filed with the City Recorder shall be accompanied by payment of the fee for each application as established by the City Council and codified in title 3, chapter 3.30, "Fee Schedule", of this Code. (Ord. 2014-07: Ord. 93-003 § 1-5)