A.   At the time of presenting the preliminary plan to the planning commission, the subdivider shall pay the Farr West City recorder a nonrefundable processing fee as prescribed in the fee schedule (see title 3, chapter 3.30 of this code).
   B.   Phase developments will be charged a fee for the overall preliminary plan (see title 3, chapter 3.30, "Fee Schedule", of this code), and each individual phase will pay the regular processing fees.
   C.   In the event that action of the appeal authority is required, an additional fee shall be paid as prescribed in the fee schedule.
   D.   Any revision of original plans which require planning commission action shall be charged an additional fee as prescribed in the fee schedule.
   E.   The payment of any fees above prescribed shall not constitute or imply in any way that the subject subdivision has been or will be approved. The fees herein prescribed and paid shall in no event be refundable. (Ord. 13-05: Ord. 2012-02)