A.   Imposed: Each developed parcel of real property in the city shall be charged a stormwater utility fee.
   B.   ERU: The fee shall be based on the number of equivalent residential units (ERUs) contained in the parcel. The city council finds that the ERU is the most accurate measurement for determining the amount that each parcel contributes to, benefits from, and otherwise uses the stormwater utility. Based on engineer's research, the city council finds and establishes that one ERU equals two thousand eight hundred (2,800) square feet of impervious surface area.
   C.   Calculation: The city council finds that:
      1.   Each single-family residential parcel contributes approximately the same amount of stormwater runoff. Therefore, each developed single-family residential parcel shall pay a base rate of one ERU.
      2.   All nonsingle-family residential parcels shall pay a multiple of this base rate, expressed in ERUs, according to the total measured impervious area on the parcel being imposed a fee.
   D.   Charge Per ERU: The stormwater utility fee as established by the city council is codified in title 3, chapter 3.30, "Fee Schedule", of this code.
   E.   Exemptions And Credits: The city council may establish exemptions and credits to the stormwater utility fee by ordinance or resolution.
   F.   Policies: The director may adopt policies and rules, consistent with this chapter to assist in the application, administration, and interpretation of this chapter and any other chapter related to the stormwater.
   G.   Appeals: Any person or entity that believes that this chapter, or any stormwater utility rate, was interpreted or applied erroneously may appeal to the city's appeal authority. The appeal shall be in writing, shall state any facts supporting the appeal, and shall be made within ten (10) days of the decision, action, or bill being appealed. All appeals shall be handled in accordance with the procedure in this code for the appeal authority. The decision of the appeal authority shall be final. (Ord. 2014-07: Ord. 2012-05)