A.   Bond; Amount: The applicant and/or his contractor, if any, will present a bond, as prescribed in the fee schedule (see title 3, chapter 3.30 of this code), to the building inspector as a guarantee that work will be done in accordance with these specifications. Each bond will be kept in escrow for the duration of the maintenance period (1 year) as provided by this chapter, at which time it shall be returned to the proper person or persons, less any necessary claims made against the bond during this period.
   B.   Franchises Excepted: Any public utility operating or using any of the streets under a franchise from the city will not be required to furnish such bond, providing such franchise obligates the holder thereof to restore the streets and to hold the city harmless in the event of an injury to any person or damage to any property due to negligence of such holder in conducting excavation operations under such franchise.
   C.   Fee: A permit fee as prescribed in the fee schedule will be collected for each permit, and receipt for same given by the building inspector. (Ord. 2012-02: Ord. 81-6 § 5)