A.   On receiving the application, the city recorder shall cause such investigation of the applicant's business and moral character to be made as deemed reasonable and necessary for the protection of the public good.
   B.   If as a result of the investigation the applicant's character or business responsibility is found to be unsatisfactory, the city recorder shall endorse such upon the application together with a statement of reasons therefor and submit it to the city council. If found to be unsatisfactory by the city council, the applicant thereupon shall be notified that his or her application has been disapproved and that no permit and license will be issued.
   C.   If, as a result of such investigation, the character and business responsibility of the applicant is found to be satisfactory, the city recorder shall endorse such upon the application. Upon payment of the prescribed license fee (see title 3, chapter 3.30, "Fee Schedule", of this code), the city shall deliver to the applicant his or her license. Such license shall contain a signature of the issuing officer and shall show the name, address and photograph of the licensee and the kind of goods to be sold pursuant to the application together with an expiration date. (Ord. 2012-02: Ord. 91-07)