The purpose of this title is to provide minimum standards to safeguard property, public health, safety and general welfare, and to preserve the unique character of Farmington City through the establishment of guidelines governing the size, height, design, location and maintenance of signs. It is not the intent of this title to regulate the message content of signs or to regulate any signs which are not intended to be viewed by the general public from outside the property line. The following goals have been established to help achieve such purpose and intent:
A. To encourage signs which help to visually organize the activities of the city, lend order and meaning to business identification, and make it easier for the public and service delivery systems to locate and identify their destinations;
B. To assure that all signs, in terms of size, scale, height and location, are compatible with adjacent land uses and with the size of the development which they serve;
C. To implement principles established in the Farmington City general plan which recognize that the special character of the city rests largely in the quality of its appearance;
D. To minimize unnecessary distractions to motorists, protect pedestrians, and provide safe working conditions for those persons who are required to install, maintain, repair and remove signs; and
E. To be fair to each property owner by providing that equal and adequate exposure to the public is made available and that no signs are allowed to visually dominate neighboring signs. (Ord. 2009-17, 4-21-2009)