A.   City Council: Appeal may be made to the city council from any decision, determination or requirement of the planning commission under this title by filing with the city recorder a notice thereof in writing within fifteen (15) days after such decision, determination or requirement is made. Such notice shall set forth in detail the action and grounds upon which the subdivider, or other interested person, deems himself or herself aggrieved. In the event of an appeal, application deadlines set forth in this title shall be extended to incorporate the time necessary to hear and consider such appeals.
   B.   Hearing: The city recorder shall set the appeal for hearing before the city council to be held within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of the appeal. Such hearing may, for good cause, be continued by order of the city council. The appellant shall be notified of the appeal hearing date at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing. After hearing the appeal, the city council may affirm, modify or overrule the decision, determination or requirement appealed and enter any such order or orders as are in harmony with the spirit and purpose of this title. The filing of an appeal shall stay all proceedings and actions in furtherance of the matter appealed, pending a decision of the city council. (Ord. 2015-06, 2-17-2015)